Trendy Airport Outfits To Make Travelling More Enjoyable

Airports have become the runway for fashionistas. Gone are those days, when travel clothes looked like something you would wear at home. Stylish ensembles are now often spotted at airports. Courtesy to all the celebrities photographed in their rocking travel outfits; we are now putting efforts while dressing up for trips. Also, a well-designed look with airport as a background, makes a great Instagram click. So, here are 5 thumb rules for styling your outfit for airport.


Stylish and cozy outfits are the best options when comes to travelling. Opt for jumpsuits or sweatpants with flats to keep it comfortable. Sneakers and loafers are convenient options, rather than high heels. You can go for roomy tops like a boyfriend t-shirt or oversized jumpers. Wear clothes made of soft and breathable fabrics. You can choose a monochrome palette to look expensive and chic.


Athleisure style has become one of the most spotted looks at airports. Sportswear is fun and comfortable. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez swear by sportswear when comes to travelling. Your workout clothes are no longer restricted for gyms only. Don a pair of sweatpants with oversized jumpers to look cute yet sporty. Pair them up with chic handbags and sneakers. If you are wearing joggers pull the legs up for a street style look. Keep your hairstyle effortless. Opt for big sunglasses or baseball caps if you are stepping out in the sun. Choose neutral colors to keep it classy.


Minimalism is the key to pulling a perfect airport look off.  Keep your outfit simple. Don’t overburden yourself with too many clothes and accessories. Wear something statement and keep the rest minimal. Everyday jeans can be styled up with a simple tee and fine jewelry to look chic. Go for solid colors or less patterned clothes. Avoid busy prints, as they can be tricky to style correctly. Keep your jewelry minimum.


Be it for keeping you warm or achieving a new look, layering is a great way to stylize an outfit. It can push your style quotient up at any given time. Experiment with different options to have a fresh combination. Airports can get super chilly sometimes. So, keeping a jacket or cardigan handy is the best option. Adding a scarf to your look is also a great option to make it look stylish. Leather jackets can add edge to your look. Pair them with maxi dresses, or jeans and t-shirt; it always looks cool. If the temperature at your place doesn’t call for a jacket, layer your outfits with oversized shirts or long-line shrugs.


Following celebrity styles is the best way to look trendy without having to pay for a professional stylist. You will get plenty of options by browsing through the internet. Take inspiration from what they wear to keep it travel friendly as well as to stay updated with the airport fashion. Keep your wardrobe in mind and replicate their outfits to look like million bucks.



Sumedha Nigudkar

She is the creative blogger for Elanstreet and frequently contributes to their promotional beauty blogs. She’s a blog reader, writer and self-diagnosed fashion junkie. To know more about our website, you can visit: Fashion and Personal Styling