Interview with Dr Mona Varonica Campbell: India’s only plus-size transgender model

Born in Andhra Pradesh, 5’9’’ tall Dr Mona Varonica Campbell recently shot to fame with her appearance as a plus size model at Lakme fashion week 2017. Here’s our conversation with the most inspirational model in recent times.

PlusSouq: What have been your favorite modeling experiences so far?

Dr Mona Varonica Campbell: One of my best experiences has been for LFW Lakme fashion week and walking and opening and closing the show for WENDELL RODRICKS one of the leading designers in India, apart from that getting pampered given priority like a princess backstage green room.


What has been the journey so far for you to be a plus-size model?

A part of walking and open the show for LFW, I walked as a Showstopper season 1 and season 2 FACES OF AFRICA for wajhat Mirza London fashion week designer, IFSC Fashion week season -2 as showstopper, 2015 supermodel Hyderabad organisation – they launched my official calendar, worked few leading projects in CANADA commercials and campaign.

You have got a PhD. How has been that experience for you and how has that helped you?

I have my business plans. It was great learning experience u will see the implementations of the same in my upcoming ventures.


Can you recite some incidents for our readers where you personally experienced body shaming and how did you cope with that?

I never faced any kind of body shamming, I always loved my body, my curves, my thick skin. I’m confident about myself and my personality.

Where do you love to shop from?

I’m very particular about my shopping, I take the quality of time, Brand Freak.

  • Shoes – jimmy choo/christin louboutin /fendi/Aldo
  • Lingerie – victoria secrets /M&S
  • Clothing – Versace /M&S/Wendell rod ricks /Gucci
  • Cosmetics /body care – Chanel /MAC/Booby brown /victoria secrets /Chloe


You recently announced your own plus size clothing line. Please talk to us about that.

As of now work-in-progress, the world will get to know, once it is announced.

If you were not modeling, what field would you be working in?

Anything related to service industry loves to be a part of.


What do you like to do in your off time?

I love to watch youtube, cooking, spending time with family and friends.

Your biggest influence till date?

The recent biggest influence has been Lakme fashion week, right from cracking the audition to opening and closing the show for ace designer Wendell rod-ricks.


What is your advice to aspiring plus-size models?

Be confident love your body, work on your expression and body language.

  • HOME TOWN – Prakasm/ Ongole (Hyderabad)
  • FACEBOOK- Varonica Varonica (mona varonica campbell)
  • INSTAGRAM – Dr mona varonica campbell
  • TWITTER – @varonicasecrets



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