Afamado Curvy – making every woman feel special , like a celebrity !

We got a chance to speak with Afamado Curvy, your shopping destination for plus size fashion, custom fitted for you. From sizes Xs- 6x you have a wonderful range of outfits to choose from.


Can you tell us about the history of Afamado Curvy? How did the whole concept of plus size online brand come up to fruition? 

Like all great ideas, Afamado Curvy started with a simple shopping trip. As we shopped with friends and family for two hours, what should have been simple pleasure turned into frustration and disappointment as we realized not everyone was finding things. A close friend who happens to be a size XL wasn’t even able to try anything trendy on let alone buy something. It was an eye-opening experience that showed us a massive gap in the market for plus size dresses.From that experience, the Afamado Curvy girl boutique was born.  

How is Afamado different from its competitors?  

We offer Made to measure clothing. One size fits all in the biggest joke ever and therefore we customize according to a person’s body measurements which involve taking just a few simple measurements.

What is the road ahead for Afamado? What are some of the new ideas/ things that you are planning?


We plan on expanding the plus size collections, we want to spread confidence in women of different sizes. 
We will be launching Maternity wear next month.

What are some of the main trends you are witnessing within the plus size fashion in India? 


Women are willing to try our newer styles,  which encourages us to be more on trend! Off shoulder & cape dresses are very popular this season.

How long do you think would it take for plus size fashion and lifestyle to go mainstream?


Unless people change their mindsets about beauty standards nothing will change! Plus size fashion isn’t even mainstream in the US yet. But things are positive, looking at the awesome response we are getting, it’s not too far!


What are some of the challenges that you face while being at forefront of plus size fashion? 

We are a new brand available only online & getting them to try us is the challenge. Once they do, we know they will come back 🙂


Message for our readers.

We want to tell all women out there – Curves are beautiful!! Embrace your bodies – stay healthy stay on-trend!  



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