Upgrade your wardrobe with shapewear – Take your style to next level

If you don’t have that “Perfect figure”, you struggle daily to hide the not so great features. Say you plan to wear the coveted black dress for a dinner date, but you are not sure it would be best for your body type. Maybe it’s time to welcome shapewear into your closet.Wearing a shapewear, tones the uneven areas of your body, it’s like using Photoshop to edit your photo.

You don’t have to get surgery or go under the knife. It is a quick solution to look perfect for that occasion. It works so well that it’s even worn by celebrities.

It has gained so much popularity that now we have a lot of options in terms of styles and material, available in the market. It’s important to choose the right shapewear for your body type and garment.

Here are a few tips to help you buy shapewear, to meet your needs.



Nylon Based 

Depending on your requirement select the right material. If you want a major transformation, prefer higher nylon content or strong construction.If you just intend to smooth those curves, choose a medium construction which has lower nylon content. This would also impact the comfort level after you wear it.

Cotton Blend 

Shapewear are made up of nylon and spandex, which are good for a cold climate. But for Indian climate, choose a shapewear that’s cotton blend to help you keep it cool. A cotton blend shapewear would help your body breathe and be comfortable.


Size matters

Like buying any piece of clothing it’s important to stick to your size. Buying something smaller is just going to discomfort you and create bulges.It is very important that you feel comfortable wearing it. It would be best to try it on and see what suits you best.


Type of Shapewear


Your outfit matters while picking the shapewear. Your shapewear can help you to tone your legs, shape your torso or for your full body.





If you are looking for an overall toned shape, a bodysuit is what you need. It also helps women who are top heavy.But like a sports bra it tends to flatten your chest too. If you are not ok with it, then you can go with bodysuits with a cut around bust.





To shape your legs, waist and butt choose a tights built-in shapewear. This would help in toning your legs.


High Waist


A high waisted shapewear helps you to smoothen your torso. These go up to your bra line and provide a smooth shape to your torso. These would be perfect for your black dress for the date night.


Where to Shop


There are a number of brands available in India for shapewear. We have handpicked a few for you to look at.



If you want to buy online Zivame provides an excellent option. It allows you to choose your shapewear based your Target Area, Outerwear & Shaping level.

It has also introduced for the first time in India its Saree body shaper.

Available in sizes Small to 3XL.



There are a variety of brands available on Jabong. From size XS to 4 XL. Choose from Clovia, Da Intimo, JC collection and Swee.


Voonik provides a wide range of brands like C9, Divaat etc.

Available in sizes Small to 7XL.


Enamor provides various types of shapewear:

Available in sizes Small to 2XL.



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