Meet Plus Model Jacqueline Ledlie

Jacqueline Kiara Ledlie

Your Hometown: Delhi




What have been your favorite modeling experiences so far?

Favorite modeling experiences have been doing print shoots and then I just love doing outdoor campaign shoots because its gives so much color and meanings to a picture and brings out the beauty in the outfits.

What are your personal fashion favorites?

Personal fashion favorites would be basic denims and a tee.

I would even love to wear active wear because it gives you proper fitting and shape.

Where do you love to shop?

I just love to shop not very brand conscious so I buy whatever catches the eye and I feel will look good on me.

Some brands, which I make sure I visit weekly, would be H&M, Forever21, Vero Moda, Reebok etc.

If you were not modeling, what field would you be working in?

I am a model but I am more of a role model. (Jokes apart) I have always loved being the center of attraction so anyway I would still be doing something, which would keep me well known. For those who don’t know me that well I am a television artist and have done reality shows from Mtv like Splitsvilla7 and Mtv Loveschool season 2.

What do you like to do in your off time?

In my off time I am either watching TV or usually on the phone making trippy plans with friends.

I love to watch movies so I make it a point to watch a movie at the cinemas every weekend.

Your biggest influence till date?

My biggest influence till date has and always will be KAREENA KAPOOR. I know it’s a shock to many of you but honestly I adore her right from her 1st movie Refugee.

What is your advice to aspiring plus size models?

To all the plus size women around the globe all I would want to tell you is Life is so beautiful we should not waste time to even think what others think or feel about us. As long as we are happy and satisfied no 3rd person should matter. We got to smile always and live with the imaginary crown. We are all queens!!



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