6 Plus size fashion Myths – Busted

Black is your only best friend.


While black helps you look slender, but that’s not the only choice.

Pair up black jeans or a skirt with a variety of colors and prints to make a style statement.

You do not need to restrict your wardrobe to black, it would limit your option and take the fun out of fashion.


Oversize shirts make you look wider.


The trick is to pair it up with the right bottom. Pair them up with skinny jeans or leggings and you would get the perfect look. You can also add a belt to define your figure and enhance a slender waist.

Horizontal stripes are a No No!

Image credits Girl With Curves

Stripes are integral part of fashion and limiting yourself from horizontal stripes means you are leaving a lot of options. You can pair up horizontal stripes with some beautiful prints and carry it in style.

Tanesha awasthi from girl with curves sets out some great examples on breaking the Plus size rules here.


Prints aren’t right!

Well, the trick is to wear the right prints. Having only monochromes in your wardrobe is going to make it boring. When buying prints look for larger patterns, Smaller prints would emphasize on the size of your body.

Successfully wearing prints requires you to be aware of the patterns proportions and finding what looks good on your frame. Pair it with a jacket or a belt in a complimenting colour and you’re sure to turn heads!

Plus-size women should avoid wearing belts


Belts can actually make you look leaner. You can use them to highlight your better features. If you carry your weight in the waist wear slimmer belts. If you have a more defined waist you can try a skinny belt or a 3-inch-wide belt.



Plus-size women should never wear stilettos or high heels


Heels and stilettos have been considered inappropriate for plus size women for far too long. Fashion is about comfort and style. If you are on the heavier side, avoid wearing too high heels, if you feel unbalanced. Your footwear should be comfortable and trendy at the same time. Wedges can be very helpful, as they provide a greater support. There are a lot of options available in 3-4 inch heels.




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