Get ready for holi with this must have beauty tips

Holi is officially here and while you are getting ready to get drenched in colors, do keep some of these beauty tips in mind.




  • Massage your hair with a mixture of jojoba and coconut oil, a night before Holi. The oil forms a protective layer and prevents any colour or dirt from settling and also helps the colour to come off easily.
  • Apply nail paint to prevent getting nail damaged from colors.
  • Apply a mixture of coconut oil, Olive Oil to your skin before playing Holi. Oil helps to get the color off quickly. Ensure you apply it to all exposed areas.
  • Prevent tan by applying a water proof sunscreen, to provide skin damage with prolonged exposure to sun.
  • The marriage of the rubberized bristles on a thicker, football-shaped wand makes it easier to reach all lashes, no matter how flat they might seem.

    A thick layer of Vaseline is advisable. One can also use long-lasting lip tints to prevent staining.

  • Make sure you do not wear your contact lenses to prevent damage to eye from colorant







  • Use a cream based cleanser to get rid of the colour from your face.
  • Use a homemade scrub made with milk and gram flour. Use this scrub on your face, lips, hands, feet or any other affected areas with gentle circular motion and rinse off with lukewarm water. But refrain from excessive scrubbing, as this could damage your skin further.
  • Rinse your hair with plenty of plain water to wash off any colour from it. Now use a mild shampoo followed by deep conditioning. Don’t forget to follow a good hair care regimen for the next few days. Go for a hair spa to restore damage and add shine and body to your hair.
  • Apply Lemon to fingers and nails. This should be applied and left for 15 to 20 minutes and washed off with warm water. Follow up with a rich moisturizer. It acts as an excellent de tan agent.



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