Designer Interview: Mac Duggal of Fabulouss Plus Size Dresses

Born in India, designer Mac Duggal’s enthusiasm for women’s couture fashion was honed at an early age when he began to merge the rich, royal history and opulent traditions of his native land with a sophisticated and contemporary design esthetic.

Arriving in the United States at the age of 23, Mac continued his success by expanding his collection to 12 distinct lines. Today, the Mac Duggal brand has transformed into a highly sought after label that is courted by A-list celebrities, TV personalities, athletes, pageant titleholders and influencers globally.

Today the Mac Duggal Design House continues to showcase seasonal collections known for their statement and entrance-making drama, feminine detailing and modern sensibility. From couture one-of-a-kind styles fabricated for red carpet, performance, stage and screen to cocktail dresses and gowns to mark special occasions and milestone moments – every Mac Duggal design is a timeless and ageless fashion statement that defines every stage of a woman’s life and fashion lifestyle.

In an exclusive interview with PlusSouq, Mac focuses on his Fabulouss line of Plus Size dresses.

What does Plus Fashion mean to you?

Over the course of the last two years a revolution has emerged in the plus size market, however, this revolution has not reached the teenage market.  Plus size is not a size 8 or 10 like so many of the plus size super models. Almost half the women in the world are size 12 or larger.  In 1985 the average woman wore a size 8.  Today she wears a size 14.

We are innovating the plus size market and breaking barriers with designs catered to a curvy silhouette rather than simply upsizing a dress suited for a smaller frame. With this, I hope to change the way young women look at plus size fashion.

I have found that more teen girls than ever are buying plus size gowns. This comes from a teenage customers desire to be able to buy the same clothing as their friends, plus size or not. Today’s young consumers know what they want and won’t settle for less. Our customer wants to feel on trend. This may include ruffles, off the shoulder tops and yes, even the crop top, which might surprise some plus size skeptics.

In our plus size line, we design to encourage self-love. We are about body positivity. We love to hear that girls have come out of a retailer’s dressing room and start to cry because they finally have clothing that fits them and makes them feel good.

What designers in this area inspire you?

Favorite Indian designers

Mandira Wirk- fusion of modern and traditional;

Rohit Bal- regal embroidery;

Manish Arora-out of the box vibrant, bold

What is your most proud accomplishment as a plus designer to date?

That I have designed something exceptional for the “forgotten woman” not only the celebrity or pageant contestant. The most important thing I constantly tell everyone is I don’t sell trends; I sell confidence. It’s not about the gown; it’s about the woman in the gown.

Each gown is especially made for every different type of women so what may be my favorite for one woman may not necessarily be the best for the next woman.

All of my collections are known for their statement and entrance-making drama, feminine detailing and modern sensibility. Each design reflects my vision to create wearable gowns and dresses that encapsulate the very essence of the women who wear them and reflect her strength, confidence and inner beauty.

Where do you get the inspirations for your designs? Tell be a bit about your creative process.

I don’t have to look for fashion inspirations -it is all around me. It’s in the fine details of life-bold, empowering women of today;travelingg and understanding flavors of different cultures; vibrant, high energy of the younger generation; nature itself – most beautiful fusions of colors and shapes; as my life is on the go – my best ideas come in stillness.

I get my inspiration from women themselves. Knowing your clientele is so important and if you love fashion as I do you can transform these beautiful women through fashion.  I am inspired by the challenge of changing trends and keeping the designs fashion forward.
Still to this day I am very hands on with all of my designs.

First a concept is envisioned, a sketch is made, colors and fabrics are chosen a pattern is cut; a sample is created, and then edited for final production. From the onset of inspiration, thru sketching, until the final product can take up to six months. A complete collection can take up to one year. We currently present 12 different collections every year including but not limited to plus size, prom, couture, mother of the bride and pageant.

What are some of the challenges that you experience when designing?

The most exciting thing about my life is no two days are ever the same.  Everyday encompasses the running of the business end to merchandising to custom designing for Pageant titleholders and celebrities to researching trends.

What are some fashion pieces every plus woman should have in her wardrobe?

Do not be afraid to step out of the box. Plus size girls do not need to dress only in black with minimal accessories. Get yourself a bold statement necklace and a pair of trendy pointed ballet flats that give your feet a nice shape. Add a pair of leggings and a fun, flowy blouse. Make sure you have plenty of vibrant colors in your wardrobe.

Summer is officially here. Tell me your top five looks this summer for plus size women.

This summer be prepared to see bold colors like magenta and turquoise. Floral prints, multi color beading, metallic fabrics and high – low dresses.

From sleek and streamlined silhouettes to intricate drapings and body conscious shapes that garner attention to more jeweled, beaded, embroidered and embellished styles – each present an early indicator to the upcoming season’s trends with an exquisite attention to detail that are the hallmark of an authentic Mac Duggal design.

Given most of our readers are from India and plus size fashion is gradually catching up here, do you have some plans for India?

In India as in all over the world we are looking for the right partners to contact us to bring Mac Duggal into their established elegant high end boutiques.

What are some your future plans for your line?

Hopefully Mac Duggal will continue to provide fresh inspiration, set trends in silhouette, color and design while delivering a wide-ranging spectrum of fashion and style.



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