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Beepsa Biswas’ blog was created as a platform to share Beepsa’s views on life, fashion, share her personal style with her readers and spread the message of body positivity amongst all. Beepsa has been blogging since 2014 when she was just a grad student trying to get through her classes and blogging on the side as a hobby. Today this space aims to inspire all readers to dress for themselves sans trends and to discover their personal style one snap at a time!!


Your Blog:

City based out of: I belong from a suburb near Kolkata, West Bengal. 





What are your personal fashion favorites?

I love a good t-shirt or tunic paired with denim which is my go to look. And I never say no to a good dress

What are your favorite places to shop?

I mostly shop online. My favourite brands are Dorothy Perkins, Next, LastInch. At the moment I am in love with Bewakoof’s collection.

How long have you been a blogger?

I have been blogging since 2014. I rebranded last year and re-launched on August 5th, 2016.

For those who love fashion and are interested in starting a blog, what is your advice?

Be yourself. Instead of trying to fit in or work according to a strict formula do what you love. Don’t do it for money or fame, do it because you love it and you have an understanding of the whole thing. Try doing it differently, listen, study and learn.  And above all don’t forget to experiment.

How would you like to see the plus size industry grow?

I would love to see more diversity in the Indian Plus Size Industry. I would like mainstream fashion brands to embrace their plus size customers which I do believe are many in number. Also, the fact that size 16 or 14 models are commonly used to portray plus size is a mentality that needs to pass over and pave way for inclusion of all sizes and shapes. I would also like brands to experiment with not just high street fashion but couture wear as well for the plus size people and make use organic textiles and handicrafts which is growing in popularity in India’s mainstream fashion industry.

Do you find that there are more blogs in the curvy community now?

I feel that the number has definitely gone up now which is a good thing as more women and men are embracing themselves and reaching out to the masses. The only thing is that blogging is not just for pretty clothes but more importantly addressing issues in the plus size community that needs to be heard.

Blogging is not a way of posing as mannequins draped in branded clothes but a platform to express your opinions. I kind of miss that as more people opt to go for the clothes and money instead of really focusing on the messages they want to send out to their readers. Clothes are just a part of the process of acceptance but not the whole thing.


What do you think the biggest misconceptions are about the “curvy community” or curvy bloggers who write about fashion?

I feel that the fashion industry at large think of the ‘curvy community’ with neglect. It took years of struggle in the West for their fashion industry to become this inclusive. But in India, that kind of initiative is still missing. Plus size bloggers are ignored. We may be doing our thing but it is only very slowly that people notice our work.

Where do you hope to take your blog in 2017?

I hope to inspire more young women like me who have struggled with body image issues, those facing any kind of repression in the societies that they live in. I want women to come out of their shells and lead their lives their way. I want my readers to be strong and accept themselves as they are.

How has the plus-size blogging world changed since you started out?

It has changed greatly. It is more brand oriented these days. It has become so much about the clothes that we as bloggers have forgotten the importance of the messages we need to send our readers. 

So how is plus-size fashion viewed by the fashion world at large?

In recent times there has been much acceptance of plus size fashion on the international scene. However, in my opinion, this industry too is becoming a commercial experiment in hands of brands who just want economic gain. This can be allowed to an extent but we should not stir away from our goal of promoting positivity and acceptance of all.

So what would you like the next plus-size innovation to be?

I would love to see more ethnic clothes being designed for plus size people in India. And as I have mentioned earlier, inclusion of those textiles that are native to the country as well as moving out of the idea of street style clothes to those that are more global in design and has a timeless appeal.



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