Blogger Spotlight: Aashna Bhagwani of Beyond That Bouffant

Get inspired by Aashna Bhagwani’s fashion secrets, through her blog Beyond That Bouffantwhere she talks about breaking the barriers of plus size fashion.She speaks about her journey to self-confidence & finding peace.

What are your personal fashion favourites?

 Kimonos, A statement leather jacket and metallic watches

What are your favorite places to shop?

Instore- H&M & Zara – Online – . & 

For those who love fashion and are interested in starting a blog, what is your advice?

Use resources that are available to you. Be true to your personal style but never be afraid to explore and get out of your comfort-zone.

How would you like to see the plus size industry grow?

I would like to see more popular brands or high-end brands creating a market for plus size and stylish apparels because there is definitely a market for it .

Do you find that there are more blogs in the curvy community now?

Yes, Definitely. When there is a need for change in this matter – ‘ Accepting body positivity’ – people unite to build a community, If you would tell me about a plus size blogger 10 years back. I would probably be stunned at the concept of it. But now I am one of them and the idea of being plus size is acceptable

What do you think the biggest misconceptions are about the “curvy community” or curvy bloggers who write about fashion?

Not all curvy people are unhealthy! I exercise regularly and eat healthy. & Body Positivity is not only for ‘Curvy’  Body positivity is the idea that all shape and sizes are good! and none are to be shamed.

Where do you hope to take your blog in 2017?

Some great heights. I am working on collaborating with different brands, share body-positivity & starting my now youtube channel to showcase lookbooks & connect better with my followers and audience.

How has the plus-size blogging world changed since you started out?

A lot. I remember being one out of 5 plus size bloggers in India when I started out and now I come across so many profile daily on my explore page, Its makes me so happy to see young and beautiful woman finally feeling confident to explore plus size fashion especially in India.

So how is plus-size fashion viewed by the fashion world at large?

There is so much population in this world. The context of fashion is very large not everyone can fit into it.  The traditional fashion industry has refused ‘The curve movement’ for a very long time but now because of the rapid growth of plus size industry they can’t do anything but to acknowledge the power of plus size.

So what would you like the next plus-size innovation to be?

There are young girls who see and look upto fashion bloggers & models & sometimes it leads to them feeling different about themselves and most of the time its not in a good way. The image this industry portrays is not always right I want to see more woman in media, woman that other young girls can relate too. All shapes and all body types. The plus size industry need a new and relatable fresh faces of empowerment.



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