6 Rules to dress up Slimmer this Spring – Dress Right!

You don’t need to hide those extra pounds in sloppy disproportionate clothes. Dressing right is the key to look sexier and flaunt those assets. We help you out in picking the right outfits to accentuate your best features and camouflage the not so good ones.


Play with Prints!

Stripes are your best friend, play with stripes and bold prints to accentuate your body assets. Floral are your friends for spring and pair it up with stripes to get a fresh look.

Dark Colours


Dark shades help to streamline your figure and hide the disproportionate areas.

Wear the right material , a flowy texture helps  to achieve the illusion.



A poncho or a tunic top helps to camouflage your middle portion. It helps to accentuate your waste line. Pair it up with a skinny jeans and highlight your legs.



Prefer a material that’s flowy on your body, it helps hiding those bumps and prevents those unwanted layers from popping out.




Don’t hide yourself in oversized loose clothing. Wear the right fit! If you are top heavy highlight your legs by wearing slim fit jeans. If you are bottom heavy wear a top that accentuates your waste line and shoulders.


Distract and win!

Flaunt your assets! Wear an interesting neck line to get attention to your top. Pair up with a trendy scarf or the right accessories to divert attention from your heavy bottom. Carry a trendy bag or flaunt those Gucci Glasses.



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