10 Youtube channels to follow if you are plus size fitness freak

Fitness is as much about Plus Size and any other body time. Gorgeous curvy women need to hit workout regime to stay magnificent and stunning. Yet, the workout type and the routine for plus size women might need a different approach.

Here, we bring to you 10 Youtube’rs that are educating curvy women to stay motivated for a healthy lifestyle.

Coach Tulin

Coach Tulin is a Plus Size Health and Fitness Motivator who started her journey at 330lbs. She shares her journeys to fit not only for her own personal accountability but to also inspire others to start or re-engage in fitness. Coach Tulin’s motivation came from the lack of videos that showed bodies like her own working out. She wanted to know if other people’s tummies got in the way, what the journey looked and sounded like. She was frustrated by the lack of content that celebrated the journey, and each video only shared the “after” while hating themselves as their “before”. Coach Tulin is a firm believer we take care of the things we love, and teaches plus size women and men to love them starting day 1. The journey to fit from point a to Z is not a straight line. This is why she shares her raw honest journey. She is currently symptom free of PCOS, Hypothyroid, and Insulin Resistance.

Sarah Fit

SarahsFabChannel aka Sarah Fit TV is your healthy living home for workout videos, healthy recipes, food hauls, weight loss tips and exercise routines. Lack motivation? Sarah Fit will enable your passion for healthy living.

CeCe Olisa

CeCe Olisa lives in NYC and talks about fashion, fitness, dating and beauty!

Tai McQueen


KararD is a proud plus size fitness instructor living in Atlanta, GA. She specializes in low impact cardio and strength training. She has created workouts to help build strength and endurance without working those joints as much.

The Curvy Cutie

The Curvy Cutie is a fashion vlog full of outfit posts, product reviews, and healthy lifestyle support for the Everyday Curvy Cutie in you!


A Diva . A mom on a Fitness Weight loss journey. Falling in love with my self all over again.. For me Not them..

Sometimes Glam

Phoenix-based, jet-setting plus size fashionista, YouTuber, blogger, photographer, model, entrepreneur, tea-obsessed lady. On my channel, you’ll see plus size hauls, fashion advice, tips, tricks, reviews – ALSO – makeup tutorials, looks & reviews and OF COURSE vlogs.



I’m focusing on, lowering my carbs, losing weight, slimming down and building a happy, healthy life. I started my weight loss journey, May 5, 2014, but, I haven’t lost any weight. As a matter of fact, I gained 13 pounds. I lost 11 of them and now, I’m ready to start my new journey.



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