5 Athleisure Brands in India you need to know now

Athleisure trend is here to stay in 2017. The style was huge in 2016 and is slated to increase in popularity this year as well. But the brands in India are slow to catchup.

Athleisure fashion lies on the overlap of casual wear and active wear and have to be designed likewise. It has to live upto the style statement inside the gym as well outside and we cannot term a sportswear as Athleisure. This is the mistake that many brands are making in India. Athleisure has to be designed and branded independently.

Here we look at 5 brands in India that are taking the Athleisure trend seriously.


Ajio Athleisure

AJIO’s athleisure collection features a stylish range of modish track pants, trendy hooded sweatshirts and smart running shoes for men, bringing new flair to leisure. The line provides a range of sweatshirts, t-shirts, running shorts and track pants to work out or lounge around in. Along with a versatile portfolio of Puma, Vans, Wrangler, Lee, Skechers etc AJIO also has an in-house line in fitness apparel that mixes Indian tastes with urban contemporary.

Bewakoof Athleisure

Bewakoof has a vast collection of sports-inspired clothing including crop tops, sweatpants, joggers, tank tops, t-shirt dresses, etc. in vibrant colors, prints and patterns designed especially for the youth, which will make you nail the athleisure trend.

Fbb Athleisure

This collection has around 130 options in 38 styles for men, women and kids starting from Rs. 599/- onwards. The collection includes a wide variety of shorts, tracks, crew neck, polo, tank tops, leggings and Tees. The new range of athletic and leisure wear has utilized state of art fabric technologies to maximize comfort in all activities and in all climatic conditions. The range also comes with a moisture wicking technology that helps one dry faster as the body heat rises. This technology helps increase the rate of evaporation as the temperature rises and reduces the rate of evaporation when the person is cooler. The new range also comes with high stretchability for superior performance in all conditions.

HRX by Hrithik Roshan

HRX is currently backed by Exceed Entertainment, and sports an ‘atheleisure’ and an active-wear line of clothing that includes ‘compression tees’, sweatshirts and tracksuits. HRX sells online via Myntra and Flipkart and might be looking to open retail outlets in India this year with plans to expand internationally.

SKULT by Shahid Kapoor

Touted as India’s first athleisure fashion brand, SKULT is an evolved style of athleisure which draws inspiration from all around the world but adapted for Indian sensibilities and body types. Commenting on his idea of SKULT, Shahid said, “Skult is about free styling. Skult is about fashion and functionality. Skult is about being yourself wherever you are. It’s about apparel that’s an extension of your body. That allows you to express yourself with no restrictions or rules. Sometimes clothes that are cool feel too restricting. This line sets you free. Own style. Don’t let style restrict you”.



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