Curvy women are gorgeous. Here’s are 8 things to help you choose the perfect outfit!

1. Stripes

Stripes, wow sounds pretty simple, huh? Well, what if I said the direction of these thingies can actually change the way you look completely?
Yes, ladies. Horizontal stripes are the one thing you must try and keep away from. They make you look wider since the person’s eye travels horizontally along those lines.

Vertical stripes, on the other hand, do just the opposite. They make the viewer’s eye travel vertically and hence make you look taller and slimmer.

2. Baggy clothes

A good number of curvy women out there are under the impression that baggy clothes help hide their body size. But, let me tell you something. Baggy clothes actually make you look shapeless, and hence are unflattering. The best kind of clothes are those that fit you right.

3. Tight clothing.

Tight fitted clothes are completely the wearer’s choice. Women who are not shy to flaunt those extra curves can slay those tight fitted outfits. Others can stick to stuff that fits them right! Fit is key ladies, fit is key.


4. Wide necklines

Personally, I think wide necklines are perfect for curvy women. Necklines like bateau or boat necks, or a nice, wide Bardot. Off shoulder outfits are great too. So, necklines that expose more of your shoulders and chest are highly recommended. They make your body look twice as flattering. And if you’re confident, work that plunge neckline too girlfriend!

5. Kimono and dolman sleeves

These are sleeves that are continuous with the bodice, so they tend to make you look more voluminous, and make your arms look larger. You’re definitely better off without this style.

6. Bright , solid colours

Yes, it is true that sober colours make you look a tad bit slimmer than a bright orange or yellow outfit. But, the more important aspect is the fit. Like I mentioned earlier, fit is key. A perfectly fitted bright, solid colour dress is any day better than an ill-fitted black dress.

7. Cinched waist dress

Dresses that have been gathered at the waist with elastic are a complete no. They accentuate the waist, and make the hips look wider as well.

8. Long tops

Anything long, gives an illusion of a taller and slimmer body. If there’s a tummy you want to hide, a perfectly tailored long top can do the trick. It draws attention away from your tummy, to your face and straight down to where the hem is.

But the one thing al you beautiful ladies need to wear everyday is your confidence!

Don’t be afraid to flaunt that body like a boss, and don’t forget to work it girl!



Dharsha Ashok
Dharsha Ashok

I’m an aspiring fashion designer, who wants to change the world of plus size fashion.